Welcome to the Take Initiative Times Standard

Or the tits as we like to call it.

Welcome to the Take Initiative Times Standard or (The T.I.T.S)

For Men (or anyone who likes tits*), By Men (who also like tits, like...real ones).

Because we can, Because we want to, Because we have to.

Welcome home boys (and some girls)!! Let this newsletter be like that warm confidence inspiring hug you never got from your father! This will be your weekly homework of satirical sufferings, to become financially independent, physically strong, mentally resilient, worldly cultured, socially prominent, and independently ambitious . Thank you for deciding to "Take Initiative" in improving yourself and following through in your goals. You've come this far, so here's your first issue of T.I.T.S*.

P.S. full frontal disclosure ahead. The closest thing to tits you'll see here is probably this (.)(.). I just really needed to make this thing edgy somehow. I know I am reaching with the "TIMES STANDARD" thing. It's good enough.

"The Take Initiative Times Standard is the tits!" - Something someone like Sam Parr, Former owner of The Hustle, might say


Why am I writing this? 

(and maybe why you should read this and see if you feel the same)

A. I/You owe people money (and because I owe money, please use the affiliate links to buy whatever I recommend πŸ˜‰, it costs you nothing)

B. I am/You are; tired of mental & regular masturbation with nothing to show for it.

C. I am/You are; lonely and I/we need friends with similar growth mindsets

D. Eventually, I/you would like to be worthy of a set of real tits for myself/yourself (preferably earned, not bought). (too edgy?)

E. Oh and I would like to help others and better mankind and see if I can't use similar marketing tactics to Andrew Tate but like set the record straight and blah blah blah...

D. All of the Above (this is the correct answer)

If this sounds like you, this would be a great time to make sure you reply to this email in your inbox/spam folder with a "received!", that will make sure you get this in your inbox where you can use it. If it is in your spam folder, mark it as not spam so I can provide what you signed up for!

Sometimes I ask people, β€œHow do you choose to suffer?” These people tilt their heads and look at me like I have twelve noses.

- Mark Manson, Author of "The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck"

This is me choosing to suffer by making a weekly newsletter for one of my 17th streams of income I am told I need

"Okay, so what am I getting out of this?"

Scroll on...


Every week I will provide at least Three things that helps me solve some of my problems above. I only have my own experiences to go from, but I'll make sure they are relatable. So here's what I'll do...

With this newsletter, I will be building a thought process that allows me to unlock my potential as a man pursuing morals, health, freedom, money, community, and yes ... women. Now if you could have a friend that shared with you how he did all of that, why wouldn't you want to follow him along for the price of free?

To make that happen, you will be receiving a curated list of people, resources, products, and events that I think will help you greatly. I will not bludgeon you with them, they will be pleasantly presented inside each newsletter, but some of these products I will be paid for recommending. I will not, however, recommend them solely because I am getting paid.

So what happens to all the articles/resources I missed by signing on too late?

Don't worry! Every time I put something out I will post it to the site in a blog just in case you miss something or want to go a little more in depth.

Why you WANT this newsletter in your inbox is because it is your actual reminder (just like it is for myself) to do this stuff.

Time is ticking before you are six feet down. You can read all the self help you want, but it's remembering to act it out that makes the change. So I'll hit you up twice a week (or maybe more) now that I got this email. There will always be some kind of education, motivation, or funny meme associated so you don't feel like I'm some weird shame sadist.

Gentleman's Agreement and fun fact πŸ‘‰ Your email is worth like 15 bucks if I ever sell this newsletter. Full disclosure. I won't (at least not until I talk to you about it). If anything, I'll sell a newsletter on how I built this newsletter, but I just figured you should know your worth. $15 😘. That's not bad. it's better than 0. By giving me your email, I will provide at least $15 worth of knowledge. Guaranteed. Then I'll do my best to make you worth a million.

Who Am I?

Short Answer: I'm Drew πŸ–, I have lived a lot of lives at the ripe old age of 27 and I am really just trying to find some purpose by helping some one like you find yours.

Medium Answer: You could go stalk me a little on instagram or twitter. If you really care you could go listen to a couple of my podcasts. #5 is my most recent all about me.

Long Answer: In no particular order I have worked in construction, the oilfield, cowboyed (broke horses, run cows), custom cut/combined, owned an ag trucking company, bought and sold commodities, played real estate agent(residential and ranch), had a startup (teen initiative, then became take initiative), been 220+lbs unintentionally and 140 lbs intentionally, Ski, Hunt, flown planes, shot competitively, had a videography company, armed security license, and am currently buying and selling real estate, running a podcast and becoming a professionally paid networker, writer, strategizer and speaker.


I aim to provide a weekly newsletter that gives you a sense of direction to find purpose and drive. It will include the information, reminders, and accountability I wish I had growing up. I want credibility, relationships, and a way to connect with similar individuals and find a way to get paid for doing so.

So welcome home, enjoy, and don't be a stranger. Email me whenever you want with suggestions, comments, maybe a few concerns, but not, like, all of the concerns... We plan on building community, conversation, and support for our fellow fellas who also like Tits, as we struggle to become the men of our dreams. Let's go set a Standard for Taking Initiative.